Rotorua Heritage Farm

171 Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua, New Zealand
Rotorua Heritage Farm is located on 171 Fairy Springs Road,
which was agricultural and animal farm area in the past and is now the best spot in Rotorua for tourists’ activities.
Here in Rotorua Heritage Farm, we offer fun, exciting and educational activities for visitors for all age group throughout
The Farm Tour, 3D Trick Art Gallery and cafe171.

The Farm Tour

Enjoy traditional animal Farm Experiences and more.

The Farm Tour offers visitors a traditional animal farm tour experience.
The Farm Tour is not a zoo but an animal farm where visitors can pet
and feed sheep, cattle, deer, llamas, alpaca and etc.


3D Trick Art Gallery

Get into the picture and enjoy your magical journey

3D Trick Art Gallery is the first 'Trick Art' gallery with unique New Zealand themed Trick Art. Throughout the 1250 square metre indoor space, more than 50 trick artworks are displayed in 5 themes.


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